Ivan Hryhoriev

Web developer


Web development has been a passion of mine since 2015. That's when I created my first website.

In my recent projects I worked with Vue and Laravel frameworks, and also used Javascript, HTML5, CSS3/SCSS, Bootstrap, PHP, SQL, Webpack, Git/GitHub and VS Code.

Prior to becoming a web developer, I studied law and worked as an assistant of a judge for several years. This experience gave me valuable skills such as punctuality, meticulousness and stress tolerance.


  • Web developer at WebsiteStyle, Warsaw, Poland / 07.2022 - 01.2023

    Responsible for development of customer websites including a Paint Manufacturing Company, a Business Development Consultant and a Bicycle Marketplace.

    • Used Vue, Laravel, PHP, Javascript, HTML, SCSS, Webpack, Bitbucket and Adobe XD.
    • Created responsive websites with a user-friendly interface based on semantic code.
    • Collaborated with product team members to implement new feature developments.
  • Web developer at Web Architect, Khmelnytsyi, Ukraine/ 06.2016 - 06.2022

    Freelance web developer, creating numerous interactive websites for various small and medium size companies and marketing purposes.

    • Used HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, SEO, SMM, Ps, Ai, Danneo CMS and Wordpress CMS.
    • Websites have user-friendly interface and highly ranked in Search Engines.
    • Website orders were automatically linked to customer service email and group Telegraph notifications to help company quickly manage orders and responses.
    • Websites significantly improved marketing and business traffic for customers. All customers returned for additional website development projects.
    • Managed Google advertisements, social media and marketing for several companies.
    • Created many marketing ads to increase the number of links to websites and improve rankings.
    • Managed marketing advertisements at over 40 free online platforms to show a continuous online presence for the companies.
    • Developed and maintained company YouTube channels, including development of all creative content. Videos were developed in multiple languages to maximize the market.
  • Web developer at Korkmaz Iplik, Moscow, Russia / 03.2014 - 05.2016

    Personally responsible for complete overhaul of company website and social media marketing. Company was one of the largest yarn importers, selling over 10 tons of yarn per day to the worldwide clothing industry.

    • Used Wordpress, HTML, CSS, PHP, SEO, SMM, Ps, Ai.
    • Maintained and upgraded website over time to add additional functionality and improve customer experience.
    • Maintained active social media presence on Twitter, Facebook and Instragram.
  • Stock Room Manager at Korkmaz Iplik, Moscow, Russia / 02.2014 - 05.2016

    Responsible for accurate Inventory management at a large clothing manufacturing company.

    • Realized company website was substandard and redesigned it as a stretch assignment.
  • Judge’s Assistant/Paralegal District Court, Dunaivtsi, Ukraine / 08.2009 - 01.2014

    Prepared numerous draft judgements and documents for the District Judge.

    • Functioned successfully in a fast-paced, high stress environment as part of small team.
    • Required accuracy and significant attention to detail-two skills that have carried over in my work as a web developer.


  • IT Technician,Web Development and Networks, Cosinus, Poland, 2021.
  • Master’s Degree, Civil Law, Khmelnytskyi University, Ukraine, 2008
  • Bachelor’s Degree, Legal Studies, Khmelnytskyi University, Ukraine, 2006.
  • Interpreter,English, First Kiev Foreign Language School, 2002.

Relevant certifications

  • JavaScript/FrontEnd The Rolling Scopes School, 2022.
  • Sololearn and Code-basics: HTML, CSS, JS Basics, Responsive design, 2021.
  • CCNAv7: Introduction to Networks (Cisco), 2021.
  • IT Essential for PC Hardware and Software, Cosinus School, 2020.