Ivan Hryhoriev

Front-end developer


My first website I made about seven years ago, when the frontend was not yet as hyped as it is now. Since then web development is my fascination and part time work.

Despite the fact that I studied law at university and worked as a judge's assistant for several years, this experience gave me valuable skills such as punctuality, meticulousness and stress tolerance.

Three years ago I moved to Warsaw and studied here networking and web development.

Currently, I take a frontend course from the RS School.


Trainings and courses

  • The Rolling Scopes School JS/FE Pre-School 2022 JavaScript
  • Sololearn and Code-basics: HTML, CSS, JS Basics, Responsive design
  • Cisco Networking Academy: IT Essential and CCNAv7
  • First Kiev Foreign Language Courses: English Translator

Cosinus School

  • Specialization: Information Technology Technician
    • EE.08 Installation and operation of computer systems, peripheral devices and networks
    • EE.09 Programming, development and administration of websites and databases

Khmelnytsky University of Management and Law

  • Specialization: Civil Law
    • Educational level: Master's degree

Code example

              function reverse(n) {
              let str = String(Math.abs(n));
              let result = '';
              for (let i = 0; i < str.length; i++) {

              result = `${str[i]}${result}`
              return result;