CV Ivan Hryhoriev

Front-end developer


I've been interested in information technologies since I was in school, and I even attended a programming class. There we studied how to create simple games in Pascal. Oh yeah, I'm such an old one )).

But at university, my choice fell on an jurisprudence and after graduation I worked in court for several years. There I learnt these skills well: punctuality, meticulousness and stress tolerance.

Meanwhile, creating things has always fascinated me, and about six years ago I made my first website for the company I was employed. The process involved me so much that I could sit for hours figuring out how it worked.

Three years ago I moved to Warsaw and studied here networking and web development.

Currently I have got a few pet projects. But it's still like a hobby of mine.


Cosinus School

  • Specialization: Information Technology Technician
  • Professional qualifications:
    • EE.08 Installation and operation of computer systems, peripheral devices and networks
    • EE.09 Programming, development and administration of websites and databases

Khmelnytsky University of Management and Law

  • Specialization: Civil Law
  • Educational level: Master's degree

Trainings and courses

  • First Kiev Foreign Language Courses: English Translator
  • Cisco Networking Academy: IT Essential and CCNAv7
  • Sololearn and Code-basics: HTML, CSS, JS Basics, Responsive design

Code example

// live output when user changes input's values
jQuery(document).ready(function( $ ){    

    var boardWide = 113; // width of board is always the same	
    var actualPrice = Number($('#input_price').val()); // input price
    var fenceLength  = Number($('#length').val()); // board fence length
    var boardsBetween = Number($('#dist').val()); // distance between the boards
    var fenceHeight  = Number($('#height').val()); // fence height  
    var boardsNumber  = Math.round(1000*fenceLength / (boardWide + 10*boardsBetween))); // number of boards  
    var boardsSum  = (boardsNumber*fenceHeight); // sum  

    $('#boards_number').html(boardsNumber); // output number of boards
    $('#total_price').html(Math.round(boardsSum*actualPrice)); // output total price

My projects

Here are some of them



HTML, CSS, JS, SEO, Photoshop, Illustrator, Vegas, Wordpress


HTML, CSS, JS, SEO, Photoshop, Illustrator, Vegas, Wordpress


HTML, CSS, JS, SEO, Photoshop, Illustrator, Vegas, Wordpress